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Welcome to New York Vintage Linens Kuchcollectibles Inc. 

    We all have memories of vintage linens and textiles.  Treasured pieces of our history from a simpler time.  From early antique handmade lace to colorful vintage tablecloths and textiles.

Maybe it was your mother's kitchen.  My mother always had a cheery vintage tablecloth on her table, never knew whether it would be a colorful vintage floral Wilendur, a whimsical 1950's print vintage tablecloth or a linen tablecloth hand embroidered by my grandmother.  She had the best collection of vintage towels.  Florals, Vera and unusual Mid-Century prints.

     Remember the fine vintage table linens of Sunday family dinners?  The Irish linen Damask tablecloths, with matching monogrammed napkins or maybe it was an antique lace tablecloth.
     Some of us remember an overnight stay at our grandmother's.  The beautiful handmade antique lace doily under the lamp, the vintage French net lace runner on her dresser.  In her dresser drawer was the antique lace bridal handkerchief she carried on her wedding day.  The special guest room with a vintage Chenille bedspread, antique feedsack quilt, crisp linen sheets and embroidered vintage pillowcases.  The room perfectly coordinated with beautiful Barkcloth drapes.  In the bathroom, monogrammed towels and vintage cotton floral bath towels.

     Many of these fine vintage linens, vintage tablecloths, linen towels, monogrammed napkins and antique bed linens have been lovingly preserved for your home today.  These treasures are ready to display in your home, shop or for a special gift.